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md/ms admission in India | eligibility, fees and top colleges

Study MD/MS In India

Unlock Your Path to Excellence: MD/MS Admission in India

The MD medicine full form is Doctor of Medicine which is a 2-year postgraduate specialised course and can be pursued after completing MBBS. Doctor of Medicine enables the pursuer to acquire in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in a variety of subjects including Anatomy, Radiotherapy, General Medicine, etc. Doctor of Medicine helps in the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of diseases. Through experimentation, observation, theoretical learning, and practical experience, enrolled students of the MD medicine course become very familiar with the topic of Medical Science.
To get MD/MS admission in India, candidates must have passed their MBBS at an institution that has been approved by the ICMR in order to study medicine. Candidates should also have finished a one-year required internship. Doctor of Medicine admissions are made based on the results of the entrance tests. Unlock Your Path to Excellence: MD/MS Admission in India. Candidates who wish to enrol in an MD course must pass any of the entrance exams, such as NEET PG and INICET. Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Dentistry, Gynecology, and Ophthalmology are some of the specialisations of MD medicine.

MD Medicine: Highlights

A 2-year speciality medical curriculum called an MD, or Doctor of Medicine, deals with applying and using Medicine and providing medical care for those in need. After finishing their postgraduate programme, candidates can enrol in the MD medicine, which offers extensive training in theoretical, practical, and clinical abilities. Doctor of Medicine graduates can pursue careers as immunologists, cardiologists, general practitioners, and neurologists, to mention a few, after earning a degree in MD medicine. To know more about the key points of the MD course, candidates can check the table below:

Particulars Details
Course Level Postgraduate
Course Duration 2 years
Course Fee INR 1,000 - INR 1 Crore
Entrance Exams NEET PG, INI CET
Top Colleges AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Jodhpur, JIPMER Puducherry
Job Profiles Dermatologist, Nutritionist, Pediatrician, Pathologist, etc.
Average Annual Salary INR 3 LPA - INR 30 LPA
Top Recruiters Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Medanta- The Medicity, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, etc.

Why Study MD Medicine?

The Doctor of Medicine is a prized combination of courses in the medical field which opens up a wide range of employment opportunities and higher education alternatives. With a degree in the Doctor of Medicine, one can decide to specialise in their area of interest. In hospitals and other important institutions, doctors with MDs and MBBSs are more in demand. A Doctor of Medicine graduate receives a compensation package that is much more on average than an MBBS graduate. It is a requirement for individuals who want to pursue advanced degrees and specialisations that they complete their MD course.

Who Should Study MD Medicine?

The MD course is a two-year postgraduate programme that provides a thorough understanding of medicine. Medical students who have finished their medical degree programmes are given special consideration for this course. Students who are prepared to pursue an MD can learn about diseases, how to prevent them, how to treat them, and most importantly, how to study Medicine in depth.

MD Course Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants for admission to the Doctor of Medicine must make sure they are familiar with the MD eligibility requirements. The pupils must also have a score on any relevant entrance exams that serve as the foundation for admission. Some organisations could ask the applicant to come in for a personal interview. There is no upper age limit for enrollment in the programme. The following are the general requirements for admission to the Doctor of Medicine.
Candidates must have earned their MBBS from an accredited institution.
He or she ought to have received at least 50% on the MBBS.
Candidates must have finished a one-year required internship.

MD Course Syllabus

The duration of the MD course duration is 3 years and is structured into six semesters, with two semesters every year. The emphasis throughout the Doctor of Medicine course is on lectures, practical work, seminars, research and thesis work, oral examination, group discussions, and so forth. Aspiring doctors gain an in-depth understanding of the subject as well as hands-on experience in hospitals. Here is a glimpse of the semester-wise MD subjects in the course:

Semester Syllabus
Semester 1
  • Applied basic science knowledge
  • Diseases with reference to General Medicine
Semester 2
  • Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology
  • Diagnostic investigation and procedures
Semester 3
  • Monitoring seriously ill patients
  • Counselling patients and relatives
Semester 4
  • Ability to carry out research
  • Ward patient management 
Semester 5
  • Long and short topic presentations
  • Ward rounds, case presentations and discussions
Semester 6
  • Journal conferences
  • PG case presentation skills

MD Course: Specialisations

The area of MD specializations is as follows:

Specialisations Details
MD in Cardiology A medical speciality called cardiology deals with cardiac conditions.
MD in Clinical Haematology A clinical haematologist is a doctor who focuses on identifying, treating, and managing conditions affecting the blood and organs that produce blood.
MD in Clinical Pharmacology Clinical pharmacologists are medical professionals who specialise in the research, development, and comprehension of novel medication therapies. 
MD in Endocrinology A field of biology and medicine known as endocrinology studies the endocrine system's illnesses and its distinct hormone releases.
MD in Gastroenterology The area of medicine deals with the identification and management of the gastrointestinal tract and associated organ problems.
MD in Medical Gastroenterology The area of medicine known as gastroenterology focuses on the digestive system and related problems.
MD in Medical Oncology In the field of medicine known as oncology, tumours are studied, treated, diagnosed, and prevented.
MD in Neonatology Paediatricians who specialise in neonatology provide medical attention for newborn children, especially those who are sick or born prematurely. 
MD in Neurology The area of medicine focuses on identifying and treating nervous system diseases.
MD in Neuro-Radiology A branch of radiology known as neuroradiology uses neuroimaging methods to identify and classify abnormalities of the spine, head and neck, and central and peripheral nervous systems.
MD in Pulmonary Medicine The area of medicine deals with the aetiology, diagnosis, treatment, and care of lung illnesses.
MD in Rheumatology The area of medicine that deals with diseases that are painful frequently inflamed, or affect the joints and other musculoskeletal system elements.

Top Private MD Colleges

Christian Medical College, Kasturba Medical College, and Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences are some of the popular private colleges in India that offer the Doctor of Medicine. Candidates can check some of the other popular private colleges that offer the Doctor of Medicine course in India in the table below:

College Name Total Fees (in INR)
Christian Medical College, Vellore 1,000
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Manipal Academy of Higher Education 11 Lakh - 63 Lakh
Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, Manipal Academy of Higher Education 15 Lakh - 1 Crore
KIMS - Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences 8 Lakh - 21 Lakh
Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana 10 Lakh - 1 Crore
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research  20 Lakh
Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Poonamallee 1 Lakh - 1 Crore
Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research 14 Lakh - 81 Lakh
St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences 6 Lakh - 37 Lakh

What is MS

Master of Surgery or MS degree is a postgraduate degree programme in India that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in surgical training. Master of Surgery course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills in patient care, surgical techniques, and research. The Master of Surgery degree programme is the combination of theoretical classes and practical training programmes, clinical rotations and research work. MS degree coursework covers a wide variety of topics such as pathology, surgical techniques, anatomy, physiology, patient management, and research methodology.

MS Fees Structure

Master of Surgery or MS fees vary from one medical college or university to another. Before enrolling to the medical colleges, students should check the MD or Doctor of Medicine fees structure. Master of Surgery or MS fee ranges between Rs. 1150 to Rs. 56,0000.

MS Eligibility Criteria

Students need to check the Master of Surgery eligibility criteria before enrolling in the MS degree programme. Aspiring candidates need to appear for the NEET PG exam. NEET PG exam is conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE) and is the basis of admission to the MS degree course among all medical colleges in India. To pursue MS courses in the medical colleges candidates have to fulfil certain NEET PG eligibility criteria which includes age limit, academic qualification and internship requirements.
Degree - Candidates must possess MBBS degree or provisional MBBS pass certificate
Registration certificate - Aspirants must obtain provisional or permanent registration certificate issued by MCI or State Medical Council (SMC)
Internship - Candidates must complete one year rotatory internship and get the completion certificate.

Top MS Exams

NEET PG is conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE), a national level entrance examination for admission in MS (Master of Surgery) degree programme. Students must hold an MBBS degree or provisional MBBS pass certificate as recommended under the Indian Medical Council Act 1956. Aspiring candidates must have a permanent or provisional registration certificate issued by Medical Council of India or State Medical Council. Graduates also need to have completed one year of internship programmes.

NEET PG Result NEET PG Eligibility Criteria
NEET PG Application Form NEET PG Exam Pattern
NEET PG Admit Card NEET PG Cut off
NEET PG Counselling NEET PG Exam Date

MS Specialisations

The specialisations and course that are available and can be chosen by MS aspirants while completing their postgraduate degree are:

ENT (Ears, nose, and throat) General Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ophthalmology
Orthopaedics Traumatology & Surgery

Top Private MS Colleges in India

In India there are a number of private MS colleges. Private universities are significantly more expensive than public universities. Some of the top private MS Colleges and also MS fees are discussed below:

College Name Total Fees (in INR)
AIMS Mandya 1,000
AVMC Puducherry Rs. 120.03 Lakhs
BVMC Pune Rs. 92.61 Lakhs
DUPMC Jalgaon Rs. 27 Lakhs
DYPMC Pune Rs. 112.25 Lakhs
GMCH Udaipur Rs. 110.10 Lakhs
HIMS Dehradun Rs. 61 Lakhs
HIMS Lucknow Rs. 78.13 Lakhs
KIMS Bangalore Rs. 34.04 Lakhs

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