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NEET MDS 2024: 8000 medical aspirants sign petition to postpone entrance exam to July

Postpone NEET MDS 2024 to July: The demand to postpone the exam is getting stronger. The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) recently postponed NEET MDS 2024 to March 18 from earlier February 9, 2024. However, the aspirants are constantly demanding a further postponement of the examination to July 2024. 

Today, the All India Student's Union (AISU) has sent a representation to NBE, DCI, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya and the Prime Minister of India on behalf of NEET MDS aspirants and demanded to Postpone NEET MDS 2024 to July.

They have filed many online petitions seeking the postponement of the exam on change.org some days back wherein altogether around 8000 aspirants have signed the petition.

 Also, various candidates have signed a petition on an online platform where users can generate and sign petitions to advance various social causes. As per the latest update on the website, over 2,780 users have signed the petition ‘PostponeNEETMDS2024toJuly’. The online petition states, "Considering that counseling for both medical and dental students is intricately connected, aligning the schedule of NEET MDS 2024 with NEET PG Medical by postponing the former to July 2024 would not only provide much-needed clarity to the aspirants but also alleviate the emotional burden we are currently carrying."

In their posts, NEET MDS aspirants have been tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, and Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on X for them to look into the matter.

As per the representation, AISU said that the distress among aspirants due to the current timeline is significant. The following are the points highlighted by the student union:

  • The common counselling process for NEET PG and NEET MDS coupled with the fact that admissions can only commence post the completion of NEET PG internship (expected in Aug/Sept 2024), renders the March NEET MDS exam impractical.
  • In 2020, NEET MDS was conducted on December 16, 2020, and NEET PG was postponed multiple times due to Covid - 19 from Jan to April and further to Sept 2021. The counselling for NEET MDS and NEET PG occcurs simultaneously. As a result, aspirants who took NEET MDS in Dec 2020 had to wait until Nov 2021 for counseling, aligning with the postponed NEET PG in September.
  • This year could see a repetition of such a scenario if NEET MDS is not conducted concurrently with NEET PG in July. Dental students would face an extended idle period from March to Sept/Aug, spanning 6-7 months, leading to a waste of their time.

The association has requested to defer the examination to July 2024, as is the case with the NEET PG exam. Moreover, 8000 medical aspirants have signed a petition to postpone the entrance exam to July.

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