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Best Medical Colleges in Madhya Pradesh:

Medical colleges in MP - Known as the second largest state in India, MP has a total of 274 medical colleges in the state. Out of those, only 58 medical colleges offer degrees in courses such as MBBS, MD, MS, MC.h, DM, BAMS, BUMS and other AYUSH courses. Admission to these courses is granted on the marks obtained by the aspirants in top medical entrance exams of India. It is to be noted that out of the list of 58 medical colleges in MP that offer the above-mentioned courses, 38 are private and 20 are Government-owned. To help students in selecting the right medical colleges for the future, Vidyaxcel brings this article to the list of top medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Aspirants must read the list of MP top medical colleges with course details, rankings, admission process, as well as fee structure below.

Top Medical Colleges in MP:

Particulars: Number of medical colleges in MP

Details: 274

Particulars: Types of colleges

Details: Number of private colleges- 226

Particulars: Admissions through entrance exams

Details: NEET UG, NEET PG.

Particulars: Top courses

Details: MBBS, MD, MS, DM+ M.Ch, AYUSH courses

Particulars: List of MP medical colleges offering the above mentioned courses

Details: 58

Particulars: Number of seats

Details: 2930 MBBS, 830 MD/MS/Diploma seats

Particulars: Average fees

Details: MBBS- From Rs 13,720 to 42.01 Lakhs

MBBS Colleges in Madhya Pradesh: Eligibility Criteria:

Even though there are some eligibility criteria mentioned by the respective college or university, all students must meet all the norms set by the National Medical Commission. Some of the criteria that are common amongst all the medical colleges are the following: -

The aspirant must have completed its higher secondary education from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

The candidate must have had core subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in their class 12th.

MBBS Colleges in Madhya Pradesh: Admission Process:

The admission process entirely depends on the entrance examination. An aspirant who wants to pursue MBBS after class 12th must appear for entrances organized at the national and college level. Once it meets the cut-off, he or she is eligible for admission. It also depends on one's rank in the entrance test.

The most common national entrance is NEET. It is a mandatory exam to be eligible for admission in almost all the medical colleges. Government colleges like AIIMS conduct their entrance test for all the branches across the country.

MBBS Colleges in Madhya Pradesh: Specializations Available:

There are three levels in an MBBS degree that are pre-clinical, clinical, and para-clinical. Following are the specializations available -


It is the study of body parts and their structure in a living creature. It includes human, animal, and plant anatomy.


The subject deals with the chemical procedures that take place in a living thing.


It involves the study of human beings and animals, their body functions, including tissues, organ systems, cells, etc.

Forensic Medicines:

It is one of the science fields where a forensic professional analyzes and interprets pieces of evidence related to any crime. It does in-depth research on the person's blood, fingerprints, DNA, etc.


Pathology studies various aspects, causes, and effects of diseases.


It deals with the examination of various drugs and their effects on living creatures.


Microbiology discusses the organisms that are extremely small and tiny that are not visible through naked eyes.

Community Medicine:

It is a part of medical science that concerns promoting one's health and at the same time teaches how to prevent diseases.


This kind of study is all about a living being's mental and psychological health.


The study of dermatology involves researching and examining the skin of human beings and animals.

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

The study entirely focuses on a female's body. It involves researching and studying its body, health, and various issues related to it.


It discusses the necessity, effects of anesthesia needed for surgical treatments for human beings and animals.


It is also called otolaryngology. ENT is a medical field that deals with body parts like ears, throat, and nose.


The branch specializes in studying eye disorders.


It focuses on the issues regarding joints, bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments.

MBBS Colleges in Madhya Pradesh: List of Top MBBS Private Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

1950 MBBS Seats in Madhya Pradesh Private Medical Colleges. You can check the complete list mentioned below.

MBBS Private Medical Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

College: Amaltas Institute of Medical Sciences

District: Dewas  

Estd: 2016           


College: Chirayu Medical College

District: Bhopal  



College: Index Medical College




College: LN Medical College

District: Bhopal  



College: LNCT Medical College




College: Mahaveer Inst of Medical Science




College: People's College of Medical Science




College: RD Gardi Medical College




College: RKDF Medical College




College: Sri Aurobindo Inst of Medical Sciences




College: Sukh Sagar Medical College




MBBS Deemed Medical College in Madhya Pradesh:

There are 0 MBBS Seats in Madhya Pradesh Deemed Medical Colleges.

Career options available after MBBS with expected salary

Career Option: Physician

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 6 - 7 lakhs

Career Option: Doctor

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 4 - 5 lakhs

Career Option: Junior Doctor

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 3 - 4 lakhs

Career Option: Researcher

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 2 - 10 lakhs

Career Option: Scientist

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 3 - 7 lakhs

Career Option: Junior Surgeon

Average Salary Per Annum: Rs. 8 - 11 lakhs

Understanding MBBS Fees in Private Medical Colleges in Madhya Pradesh:

There are 3 categories of seats in private medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh.

1.  Category A – Annual fee for MBBS at self-financing colleges is Rs 8-10 lakhs for Government Quota

2.  Category B – Annual fee Rs 12-14 for Management Quota.

3.  Category C (NRI Seats) – 22 to 25 lac per annum for NRI quota.
We have helped many students for their MBBS admission in Madhya Pradesh and all over India. Many students don’t have very good marks but still manage to get a good college through smart counselling. While many students with very good marks fail to land a seat in any college. Expert counselling not only assures a good college but also helps in getting the best possible college while saving your lakhs of rupees. Madhya Pradesh allows admission to non-domicile students in their private medical colleges through state counselling.

Whether you're considering a private, public, or public-private institution, Madhya Pradesh’s array of MBBS colleges provides a spectrum of choices. Stay tuned for updates on medical exams, and embark on your journey to a fulfilling medical career.

Here is the updated list of all the Best Medical Colleges in Madhya Pradesh officially made by the National Medical Commission. For detailed information about fee structure, Courses offered, Admission Procedure, Cut-off list, Facilities available and complete college review CONTACT US.